Let’s Go (Start to Finish) | Katharina Frei

Hello, Katharina here with a Start 2 Finish post about how I like to put my scrapbooking pages together. I used the fabulous CR April embellishment kit along with papers from Pink Paislee.



I start each of my projects with gathering the main supplies I want to use. Because I used the CR april kit, this step was very easy and quick 🙂


I continue with arranging papers and embellishments the way I want. Most of the time I rearrange and rearrange until it makes ‘click’ and I like how it looks. If I am not at all satisfied with my page, I like to leave it unfinished on my table for a few hours, which gives me the necessary distance for new ideas. When I return to my craft table after some time, I can look at the page from a fresh point of view and most of the time can finish it with no problems.


I decided to stamp a border at the bottom using CRs april stamp set, which I totally adore!!


I like to test the stamp on some paper scrap first to not ruin my actual page. The stamp I chose is perfect to stamp continuously.


My least favourite part of putting a scrapbooking page together is the glueing process :O I hate to take my finished layout apart to glue down the parts. I am always frigthened to not be able to put it back again as it was 😉


If I am using transparent shapes like the cute arrows from the April kit, I like to sew them directly on my layout to avoid ugly glue marks.


After the complete layout is glued together, I often add more details with stamps. Isn’t this kite adorable?!







There was still free space in the lower right corner of my picture and I absolutely wanted to use those cute small alphabet stickers included in the april kit. Therefore I decided to create my own small photobooth embellishment – golden mustaches rock, don’t you think? ♥


The final step while creating a scrapbooking page, is to add additional highlights with epoxy shapes, stickers or colored dots. These golden, glittery dots which came with this months kit are my absolute favourite!!



Thanks for stopping by!!
Have a lovely day.

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