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Fearless here today to share with you creative tip.

I have woken up with kind of ‘ I need to do something’ feeling. I walked to my craft room looked at one of the wall that is still empty, and right, time to make my own mood board! Something to inspire me every day and bring a smile to my face.
Have you ever thought about making one? if yes, please share it, if not I hope this will help you set one up.

here’s what my wall looks like:
1 (2)
and a closer look:
all you need yo do is just google anything that you think might inspire you, a fox, a turtle, , fashion?
also use any photos you have and print those up, you can use any pages from magazines or newspapers too!
once you print it just cut it out using trimmer or just scissors:
I hope you will make one now!
here’s some more photos of the rest of my walls:
2 3 4 (2) 4 5 (2) 5
thank you for stopping by



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