Pen Pal Pocket Folder | Shayla

Hello everyone! Shayla here, sharing with you my very first blog post as a Creative Retreat Design Team Member.

Can you believe October is already here? I just love this month…all the beautiful colors, crisp air, and leaves falling.  You know what is even more exciting about this month? This month’s Creative Retreat kit is absolutely STUNNING!

I had so much fun playing around with all the crafty goodies in this month’s bits and pieces.  I decided to share with you a fun project you can send to a pen pal friend using October’s kit.  It’s a perfect mix of a letter and folder to send some sweet surprises to your pen friend.

So what will you need? Here are some of the supplies I would recommend having in hand’s grasp:

-2 pieces of card stock/craft paper

-paper trimmer or scissors



-exacto knife

-glue or adhesive tape

-stamp block


-AND this month’s kit


Once I had all of supplies, I cut my paper down to the size i wanted using my paper trimmer.  What I found out that worked best for me was 12 by 9 inches.  I then glued the two pages together, with the blue paper on the outside.  From there I folded them into a brochure style, with each section being 3 inches.

IMG_4602I wanted to create a few pockets within my pen pal folder, so using my ruler and pencil I measured and drew out straight lines of where I wanted the pockets at.  I chose to put one on the inside left and right.  Carefully using my exacto knife, I cut along the pre-measured lines , being careful to just cut through the inside paper.


I then decided to work on the outside of my pen pal pocket folder.  Using a sticker from this month’s kit, I decorated the front.


 I then used a stamp from this month’s set to create a cute design along the front.


Once I was happy with the outside, I started on the inside.


On the left inside flap, I added the cute camera clip from this month’s kit in the pocket that I had created.  I also added a few ephemera pieces from it as well.  I wanted to add a little something on top, so i put in a few matching journaling cards and then held them in place with the adorable patterned washi tape that was in the kit, topped with a cute arrow bit.


Moving to the middle of the folder, I decorated it with the pocket from the kit in which I added a hand-written note to my pen pal.  This was my favorite section because it all came together so adorably.  Using another stamp from the set, I stamped above the pocket.


The last part was the right side flap.  I used some alphas from the kit on top of a piece of ephemera, added some more ephemera in the other pocket that I cut, some stickers, and them using the “love” stamp from the kit to sign.



I’m so happy with the finished result, and hope my pen pal loves it just as much as I do.

I’m so excited to be sharing with all of you over the next couple of months my projects I am creating with the awesome kits from Creative Retreat.  If you would like to see some sneak peaks of what I have planned, feel free to find me on my instagram account: SimplyShaylaJo.

Until next time,


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