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Hey everyone is Zinia here again to share with you another little project I did using the Creative Retreat October kit.

This time I made a little minibook. To make the base I just got a long scrap strip of white drawing paper and I traced it so it will fit four 3×4 cards. Then I just cut, scored and folded it and we are ready to go. If you are not the reading type, feel free to watch the process video bellow but I highly recommend that you read the blog post as well.

After my base was ready I just chose which cards I wanted to use and adhered them using a glue stick. That’s how easily we are now half way done. All that’s left is adding some embellishments.


For my cover I kept things very simple as this card was already really beautiful. I used this “yes” sticker to bring in some of that mustard yellow and stamped the cross from the exclusive stamp set a couple of times using second and third generation stamping.


For my first little spread, on the left side I wanted to just put a photo but since I didn’t use a card on the background I added a few strokes of watercolor so it won’t look that plain. On the right side I used this big tag sticker and let it overhang on the side so I could add some string. Because the tag was initially a sticker and the back side of the area that sticks out had some glue on it, I brushed it with some powder to get rid of that adhesive.


On my next spread I decided to add some more interest to my journaling. I used the “love” stamp, the letter stickers and the die-cuts. On my last card I added another pop of color with that darker orange sticker and of course I had to use one of those jumbo camera clips.


Here’s how it looks unfolded. I really wanted to have it fit inside the little kraft bag that came with the kit but it turned out that the tag was sticking out way too much. If you try something similar make sure to not make your minibook wider than 3 inches or you may not be able to fit it in the little bag.

Here are a couple close-up photos:





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