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Hey there everyone, it’s Zinia here joining you once again and today I want to talk to you about stretching your stamp sets. I really love stamping and I always try to make the most out of my stamps. One of my favorite things to do is creating project life cards of my own. It’s really super fun and easy and thing way you can stretch your kits and create extra supplies.


This is especially helpful if you are working with some colors out of your comfort zone and you don’t have many things in your stash to match them with. You can just create new things using matching ink colors.


In this card I did one of my favorite tricks. I took three different colors and applied them on my stamp, trying to slightly blend them together to make it look like an ombre effect. The result won’t always be perfect as sometimes it can be hard to play with the different ink colors right on your stamps but it’s so lovely and unique that I don’t mind if some areas are not stamped perfectly.


Another fun thing you can try is stamping multiple times without re-inking your stamp. This works better with pigment inks. It’s really not advisable to do it with dye inks as you will most likely get a really faint image the second time you stamp. Here I stamped this heart four times in a row without adding more ink and I think it looks really nice.


Moving on, another thing you could do is stamp some image with a light color on the background and stamp something on top of it with a darker color. You can play around with different stamping layers and create so many things.


Here I used the same idea and pushed the spoon and the fork to the background by stamping them in this light yellow and adding the black sentiment on top of them.


You can always get inspired by the other supplies that are included in your kit. In this example, I got inspired from this gorgeous badge that was included in the kit and recreated it in a similar way.

Don’t be afraid to limit yourself in a single stamp set cause the possibilities are endless. Just experiment with the different options and you’ll find something that works for you.

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