Spruce Up Your Planner & Make Some Paperclips | Kathleen

Hey y’all, it’s Kathleen here today and I wanted to share an idea with you for what you can do with those cute chipboard pieces and the golden paperclips that are included in your Creative Retreat May kits.

When I unpacked my kit and laid everything out on my desk, I immediately knew how I wanted to use those golden paperclips. It’s really quick & easy: I just chose four of the round chipboard pieces and glued them onto the paperclips – done!


I already put two of the clips in one of my traveler’s journal albums and used another one on the layout I shared with you a few days ago. The fourth one is still waiting to be used, but I’m sure it won’t be long until I find a place for it 🙂


see the green chipboard circle? that’s just clipped in!

What I like about this is that now the chipboard shapes are actually re-usable because I can just take the paperclip out of my traveler’s journal and put it somewhere else (another layout or planner, or whatever else I like at that moment). Of course you could also use the bigger square chipboard shapes to make your own paperclips!

I hope you like this idea! How would you use those golden paperclips?

One thought on “Spruce Up Your Planner & Make Some Paperclips | Kathleen

  1. These paperclips are KAWAII!!!!!!! I’d put them in my Recollections Planner from Michaels! I have photos of it on my blog, but I don’t have any of these paperclips! ❤ ❤ ❤



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