All Things Awe-some | Bailey Jean

I started collecting stickers when I was 10-years-old. Anything sparkly or star-shaped went into a tiny binder that was equally shiny, and I got stars in my eyes when I would flip through it to admire my collection. However, I wouldn’t use any of the stickers. Each one had a precise place safe in my binder, but what’s the point of stickers if they aren’t put to their purpose, right?


The July Faith Art kit was chock full of beautiful stickers, but I caught myself tucking them away for safe keeping, wanting to admire them and save them for just the right moment. Besides being a collector, I struggle with perfectionism and, therefore, procrastination. If I can’t get something just the way I want it right off the bat, I’m likely to put it off. I’m that way about my personal projects, homework, and sometimes even illustrating my faith.

But not this time. Taking another look at the July kit, the words just LEAPT off the page!

Grace upon grace.


The word “awesome” was a fad among my friends in high school, printed on everything, and worked into many a worship song. I don’t remember when it was, but once I head the word broken down even further when it came to our Heavenly Father. To be in awe of someone is more than casually calling them “awesome”. To be in awe of someone is to be struck dumb, frozen in amazement, reverence, and respect. And who deserves our awe more than God on high?

I pray that we are always reminded to be in awe of Him, and never afraid to sing praises to Him. He doesn’t expect perfection, He simply asks that we draw near. Have faith. Rest in His grace. Hold onto hope. I pray we do.




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