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Hi, I’m Jen and I’m excited to share with you my first post using the Creative Retreat October Kit.

‘May the LORD direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance”

2 Thessalonians 3:5

This was the verse in my daily devotions book the other day and, after reading around the verse to put it into context and then thinking it through for myself, it really stuck.  Paul is praying that God would help the Thessalonian believers keep their hearts filled with God’s love and that they would have the same perseverance as Christ so that they can grow in their faith and stand firm against those who oppose them.

I pray this for myself too.  I may not be facing the same challenges as the Thessalonians but I know that there is so much other stuff that I fill my heart with that can squeeze God’s love out.  This makes me ineffective at sharing God’s love with others.  I need to persevere at filling my heart daily with God’s love.  What a great prayer for the Thessalonians and for ourselves.


I took the theme of God’s love which runs through the kit and add-ons to embellish my journalling.  I love the colours of the kit, particularly the minty green with the pink and a hint of dark blue.


I had a lot of space as this was the end of the chapter so I filled it with the verse with hand lettering as well as the add-on Atticus Alpha stamp set.


The add-on tip-ins (included in subscriber kits this month!) are perfect for the margin and I added the ‘amazing love’ chipboard tab (add-on), and the lovely bow in mint green from the kit.


Flipping the tip-in over reveals my journalling and I’ve embellished across the page using the card stock stickers from the kit.

Other supplies used: Distress Stain in Cracked Pistachio (I only have one Distress Stain and it just so happens to coordinate perfectly with the kit!)  This does make your page crinkle a bit when it goes on but when it dries it’s pretty flat.  Also washi tape to stick in the tip-in.

Thank you


(Find me on Instagram @jenjenga83 for more bible journalling and hand lettering)

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