I Will Pray | Stephanie

Hey there, Stephanie here! Do you ever write out a prayer in your Bible Journal, but think, man this one is super personal… and feel like it needs to be a bit more private??? I have been going through a few of these lately and I’ve used small envelopes, folded papers, and now today, a tip-in to keep those certain words even more out of the naked eye.


I started out my page by adding some color to the background. Then I attached my tip-in using my Tiny Attacher at the top, so it could fold up and down, to show my written prayers underneath. I decorated my tip-in a few cardstock stickers, date stamps, and a “lift” tab at the bottom.


I then stamped “I WILL PRAY” (which is in reference to my hidden prayers) alongside of my tip-in.


I finished my page off with my last bow paper-clip (I live for these) and I was done. What other ideas do you all have for hiding precious words and prayers??

Thank you all for stopping by! Much love dear friends!

Xo, Stephanie

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