His Ways, Not My Own | Bonita Rose

Hi everyone! It’s Bonita Rose here and today I’m sharing a page I created using a few key elements from this month’s the Nov Faith Art Kit from Creative Retreat!


In the real world, when living in it, there are times when I constantly remind myself that it’s not my own will, but His, that is important. I have to purposefully decide to follow HIS WILL for my life, not my own. And honestly, that can be hard some days. Really hard.

There are times when we think we know better.

We have it all figured out.

And it’s usually during those times, when God directs us to a Verse that tells us more about His plan. He orders our steps, if we allow ourselves to read His Word and take time to meditate on the truths that are contained therein.


I created this page to remind myself,

to live with intention. His intentions. 

I want to remember, for real — to take the time to read His Word.

To immerse myself in the truths that are found in my Bible.

My intentions need to be honorable.

In line with His Word.


Lord, help me in the days ahead, to focus on Your Word in my life.  Help me to remember, it’s not my own will, but Your will be done in my life. Help me to remember to sometimes give up control and just put my trust in You. Help me to grow my faith in Your faithfulness. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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