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Hi everyone! Ashley here, I just received my November Faith Art box and it’s all kinds of cute. Those stencils, little bow clips, and all the sea foam teal! I can’t wait to put these treasures in my Bible.

BUT the type A person in my wants to organize and sort everything before the creative one can come out and play. I have tried keeping my monthly goodies in their boxes, using pouches in a larger box, and a drawer in my roskog. Nothing was making me happy.


I finally discovered the best way for me to keep track of each month’s supplies…wait for it….a binder! Those of you who follow me on IG know I have a love of binders. 🙂 So this should come as no surprise that I made this work.

Check out this quick video of how I set it up.

I used a target 6X8 binder with pockets inserts. I made dividers out of file folders and broke the binder into three sections.

  1. Stamps
  2. Current Box Supplies
  3. Past Box Supplies

For now, this works wonderfully. I have everything labeled and their is room to grow. Now if I wasn’t such a saver and just gobbled up all the supplies each month I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping past kits separate. But I like the idea of knowing which ones go together. Creative retreat does such a nice job of telling a color story in each Faith Art box that I want to do my best to stay organized.

On to creating…..

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