simple but true | Ashley

fullsizerender-3Isaiah 55:6 shares “Seek the Lord while he may be found;
    call upon him while he is near;

We need to be seeking the Lord.

All the time.

For all things.

  • You may never have been born again – this verse is telling you that you need to seek the Lord for your eternal life, it depends on it.
  • You may be a Christian but have worries & doubts – you need to seek the Lord.
  • You may be confused on what path to take in life – you need to seek the Lord!
  • You may be faced with difficult times, it be they health, financial, or relational – you need to seek the Lord.
  • Or maybe, just maybe, you aren’t asking for anything from the Lord but have a growing inward desire to know the Lord is a deeper way – you know the drill… seek the Lord!

Are you seeking the Lord as much as you could be?

What in your life do you need to ask for help?

Are you praying to seek the Lord more?

fullsizerender_3-2In the November Faith Art Box (buy it HERE) you get this MORE OF YOU, LESS OF ME stamp. I love the versatility of it! Today  I used the MORE OF YOU stamp, the laurel branch and mini heart. I kept the art simple for this simple, but powerful verse.

TIP:  The laurel branch was a bit to large for my wreath (you can use it as a quarter branch in a larger area) – so I stamped it 3 1/2 times. Did you know that you can put washi over part of a stamp image to keep from inking it all? Ink, remove washi & stamp. If you want to be extra cautious you can put a piece a paper down over the area you want to protect, then stamp.


Sometimes the things I need to remember most I put in black and white.

Classic truth.

Simple but true.

-Ashley @magmagandme




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