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Happy Wednesday! It’s Tara on the blog today sharing an entry I did in my new traveler’s notebook insert. I love starting a new insert with inspiration before I dive into writing my study notes and bible journaling.

My home church a couple years ago in New Mexico had really awesome worship music. “Awesome worship music” is definitely dependent on each person’s style, though I believe there is a time and place for all types of worship music. I now attend a really great church now in England, but it’s a different pace. It was new to us. We sing a lot of hymns, which are beautiful and powerful. But we were used to rocking out with more contemporary worship music, which the boys and I do miss sometimes. God places new things in our lives or places us in new situations so that we can grow in our faith and to grow closer to Him.

Ghost Ship is one of the bands that we love. Here is my entry and prayer, using some of the lyrics from their song ‘Revelation of Jesus Christ’, based on Revelations 21.


I used watercolors and some washi from my stash. I added some stamping and stickers throughout. Some stickers from the November Faith Art Box were used to add lyrics, while others like ‘God of Hope’ and ‘Merciful’, were added because they spoke of the character of God, which I felt while listening to the song. The green alphabet stickers are my favourite, along with the pops of colours.

I love how Cam Huxford shares his story behind the song here.


Here is a closer look at the left hand side:


And a look at the right hand side:



I am so thankful that our God dwells with us and is with us in the thick of life. Every. Single. Day. We are HIS people – he chose us and loves us, how cool is that? I still can’t fully wrap my head around that. He makes us new over and over again. This song is a great reminder that I want the Lord to use my story for His glory. That means I need to make my life, my thoughts, my choices, my words, and my heart – less of me. I can’t give God all of me if I don’t put Him first. I pray that we ask Him to make us new again – when we are tired, feeling low, when we lose hope, when we are in a tough spot in life and sometimes choose our ways instead of His. I pray that we trust the Lord who has called us each by name, to love big and deeply.

Xxo – Tara




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