Good News | Jen

During advent I am taking some time out to dwell on the good news of Jesus’ birth.


In many ways the news of Jesus would have seemed so much less than expected.  The promised messiah hadn’t come with power and authority as the world would expect, rather as a baby, helpless and humble.


Yet the reality of Jesus’ birth is much more than expected.  Jesus came and lived among us, stooping down in love to live the perfect life so that he could be punished for our imperfect lives.  A loving saviour, promised messiah, my Lord.

Thank you Jesus.


Taking inspiration from from the colours of the kit this month I found this tag in my stash.  I used to black alpha stickers to spell out ‘good news’.  I then used the stamps from the kit and some hand lettering to pull out the key words from Luke 2:10-11 about Jesus.  A little bit of sticker and washi tape embellishment and this simple page was done.  Oh, and of course the bow clip from the kit at the top.

I hope you enjoy using this kit to take time and reflect on the good news of Jesus at Christmas too.



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