Happy Accidents | Tara

Hello friends!

Do you ever have it in your head where you have this perfect plan and then somehow, some way, it just doesn’t get executed as perfect as you wanted it? Yeah – that is me on many occasions, but today it happened in my bible journaling. I wanted to start over again in my traveler’s notebook but I decided to just be real with you all.

God meets us where we are – in our mess, in our beauty and brokenness. He uses it all for his good. Although my bible journaling didn’t turn out as I planned – that is A-OK. He can still use it for his glory. So my pretty drips of metallic navy mist ended up being smeared splotches here. I’m still learning to let go of perfection. fullsizerender-67I’m in 1st Corinthians today – Chapter 13. One of my favorite songs is from For King and Country. Jesus tells us the greatest commandment is to love one another. Sounds so easy right? It definitely isn’t for me, not all the time, not even most of the time! I get hung up on the little things often.

How awesome is it that our God is a god who doesn’t get caught up on hang ups? He loves us whole-heartedly. Without a shadow of a doubt, his love is forever, never-ending, and everlasting. I’m so thankful for that!fullsizerender-70I love, love, love the little square letter stickers in this month’s kit AND the colors!! I paired the lyrics and stamped “LOVE” with the Atticus alpha stamp. I also masked off “The Lord Your God” stamp from the kit to make “your” “you” instead.

I love the little branch stamp with the heart leaves on it so much. I can’t add enough hearts to this journaling page. fullsizerender-69Jesus sacrificed everything for us. He willingly did it – because of his love for us. I can’t even try to comprehend that love! But it does give me a warm fuzzy inside my soul, along with realizing I will never measure up to loving someone that way. But we must try to daily and with his help, we can!

Sometimes, just loving someone in the smallest of ways – a smile, a helping hand, sharing a coffee and conversation together, or a laugh, is all we need. And yes, we will mess up. God knows we will. But because of his mercy and grace, he makes us new again. No matter how much of a mess we are in, how much things don’t go how we wanted or would like it to, how much we fail, he is with us. Let’s pray to have a soft and loving heart with each other more. Let’s pray to let God guide our paths. And let’s pray in thanksgiving for his amazing love for us.

Have a blessed week and I hope you enjoy the song! Xxo – Tara



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