Wisdom | Jen

The products in this month’s box led me to Proverbs 8.  It’s not a chapter that I have given much attention to before but it is great!  It’s all about wisdom.  She (wisdom) speaks the truth, she is just, she hates pride and arrogance, she offers council and sound judgement, she was formed at the beginning, those who find her find life, she is more precious than rubies, nothing you desire can compare with her.  It just struck me how much the world seems to be moving away from wisdom and how much we need her.


I decided to use the kit to make a couple of post cards that I can give to friends.  I used pre-cut watercolour paper postcards for both of them.


For the first one I used, what I think is commonly known as, the ‘packaging technique’ for the background.  For this you take some plastic packaging (such as the packaging your stickers came in) and colour water based pens onto the plastic.  I used my new Ecoline pens in Blue Violet, Ultramarine Deep and Sky Blue.  Then you wet your watercolour paper with plain water and then apply the packaging, pen-side-down, to the wet surface.  Squidge it around a bit and then remove the packaging, leave to dry and you have a lovely, random, watery effect.


I then used stickers from the kit together with the ruby stamp.  Simple but effective.


For the second card I used watercolour paint to letter the word ‘wisdom’ and to paint some gem stones in pinky/purple tones.  When this was completely dry I applied the white details using a Sakura Souffle gel pen.  This time I used the stamp from the kit to add the text with pink ink and used the ruby stamp again.

I was a little bit dubious about this one as I was going along but was quite pleased with how it turned out.


I hope you have been inspired to use your kit to make some postcards, use some watercolour and/or see what this chapter of the bible says about wisdom.



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