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HI friends!

I am so excited to share the new February Faith Art Box with you and show you my first Bible page with the new treats! For a fun, new twist I thought I would show you my WHOLE process. Start to finish. SO MANY PICTURES….you might want to sit down for this.

fullsizerender-4The first thing I do when I get my new monthly FAITH ART BOX is place everything in my Creative Retreat binder (see how I set it up here). I have a stop for the stickers and stamps. Being organized helps me quickly grab the things I need when creativity strikes!fullsizerender_1-3

This page shows past stamp sets from CR and below is a look at the new page I can start with the February ones.fullsizerender_2-2I keep the cardstock inserts from each sections – punch a hole or two and keep them for notes, creative ideas, anything.


Next, I pulled the washi and markers that matched the sticker pages. img_3829

Then I looked for some accent papers that match the stickers. I don’t know how I will use the washi or papers at this point but it is nice to have them all ready to go.  Ps. how cute is that little teal bow – he’s going on the page NMW! img_3942

Then, I think about which mediums I want to use on my page. Sometimes I go with the art material I haven’t used in awhile or whichever colors match best. Havae fun – try everything. Let me tell you about a couple of my favorites.

  1. Artist Loft watercolors – $5 michaels – are a cheap, slightly chalky but wonderful set of watercolors. They come in 36 bright colors and only the hot pink bleeds through your Bible pages. These are the ones my children use but use them on occasion too. 🙂
  2. InkTense Watercolor Pencils – $15 Amazon – You can use them dry, but mix them with water and the color turns into vibrant ink; once dry, the color wash is permanent and can be embellished with wet or dry media. Highly blendable texture in a range of jewel-like colors.
  3. Craft Paint – Apple Barrel – $3 Walmart  – Water-based and non-toxic, Dries to a durable, matte finish. These are affordable and comes in many shades of colors. JoAnns, Hobby Lobby and Michaels all have their brands of craft paints too.
  4. Acrylic Tube Paint – Master’s Touch – $3 Hobby Lobby – These go on sale ALL THE TIME. I am always picking up a tube or two to build my collection. There are other brands and levels of quality – liquidtex, BASIC, Golden, etc. The master’s touch paints are creamy and thick enough to cover your page but not all the words if you paint lightly. Comes in many, many colors.
  5. Peerless Watercolor Sheets – $30 for a 40 sheet pack. You can also find smaller packs on etsy. I punched a hole in each sheet and put them on a ring. Makes for easy use. The Peerless Sheets of paper coated in vibrant, intense colors that stay brilliant even after they dry. Just wet and paint! Fun fact: these are handmade in wisconsin, since 1885.  These do bleed on Bible pages. Once in awhile I want my flowers to bled through so I can use the color on the back side.
  6. Neocolors II – $50 for a set of 30. $23 for a set of 15.  Add luminous color and watercolor effects to your artwork with these water-soluble artists’ pastels. 
  7. Pelikan Watercolors – $21 from Amazon. An opaque watercolor set of 24 is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Not chalky and doesn’t bled through. A mixing palette and tube of white helps you make your own shades of colors.


Here is what my table area looks like, messy but creative! Sometimes I like to watch a crafting tutorial video or periscope replay.


Onto setting up my page. I will tell you how to build your page in the style I did for PRAISE HIM.

Color Background. I put down some of the marker colors in a cluster pattern. Think random, actually don’t think at all. A little here and a little there. This is a way to get a good base coat of color. You could use any of the supplies listed above. You want color peeking out from behind stickers, papers, tab, etc.

img_3833  Add some texture.  By using paper or stickers you can start building layers of texture and interest. I cut a strip of the patterned paper and used adhesive to stick it down. I also like to layout some of the pieces and and stamps I’ll use. make sure it is the right size and shape.

img_3834Next I used on of the CR stickers from the FAITH BOX to start making a tip in. A tip in is a piece that you tape in on one side so you can flip it up and have things hidden underneath. I backed the JESUS IS MY JAM sticker on two different, coordinating patterned papers.


I used a matching mint washi to tape in my tip in. TIP in TIP : make sure your tape is shorter than the side of the tip in. If it is longer it will stick to the paper and not allow the tip in to flip. You could put the tape on any of the four sides. img_3836

A look under the tip in. I will journal some notes under here.


Next,  I cut out a tab with some scrap paper from before. You could use a TAB punch too. 🙂


Then I used some matching washi tape. I pulled off different colors and lengths. I added them to the page in a couple different areas. I like placing them behind tip in’s peeking out or over top of paint to create layers.


One place I always do is next to the tab to create a visual area.


Next, I added some stickers. On top of paint, on top of washi, under tip in. Everywhere.


Add the focal point.

Then I worked on my saying or phrase. I decided to write Praise Him above my JESUS IS MY JAM tip in. Seemed fitting and it fit.  I sketched the PRAISE in pencil first. I decided on cursive because I knew I wanted to use the bold, block print alpha stickers from the box. Visually, it is pleasing to mix your fonts and sizes.


I outlined the PRAISE with a big brush pen from Faber Castell.  On this page some of my writing blended into the black so I used a white gel pen to outline the last letters. This way it pops.


Add some patterns.

Next I used the stamp set’s music notes to add yet another layer. The black notes really show up well on the bright colors. I stamp on washi, papers and other stickers too.


I also like to stamp off the edge of the page for a wide spread look – tip: make sure you put something underneath so you can stamp off the page and not get on the pages below.


The stickers in this BOX are the prettiest pink. One thing I like to do with my alphas is just stick down one end of them at first. Then I can make sure I like the positioning. You can still pull them off and shift them if you need to. This is another way to make sure you get them on straight.


Add details.

One way to make your letters/stickers pop is to outline them in black. Another reason I do this is because several times my stickers lose their stickiness and I like that I’ll always know what was written there.


I wasn’t feeling like my tip in stood out enough so I schmudged (official ink word) the edges. This is most definitely easier to do before you tape it on.


I love this triangle line stamp. It looks like a handwritten design. Perfect for adding another layer of interest. If you stamp onto of washi, it takes awhile to dry so make sure you don’t smear it. fullsizerender_2

Now it’s time for a polka dots. This might be something that I sneak into every page I create, in some fashion. I decided to use the craft paint. Place a dot of it on a paper plate or paint palette or just use the little bit of paint that is stuck to the inside of the lid.  img_3852

I used the end of a paint brush to add polka dots to my page. I like to cluster my dots in 3’s. But you can do whatever you like. Help out the areas that need a bit more. fullsizerender_5

The last thing I did was add that adorable teal bow from the FAITH BOX (use the link to buy this awesome box I’ve been talking about for 20 minutes). It is the perfect touch on top. One tip for clips: I like too add the clip to the page after, this way the long metal clip part isn’t covering up my tab and or stickers.


There you have it! A whole process from start to finish. Thank you for hanging in there with me.

Remember you can follow the Journaling to the 5’s process if you are looking to create a layered look for any project.

1.Background- paint, ink, marker

2. Texture- collage or use recycled items (usually used in mixed media projects)

3. Pattern – stamps, stencils

4. Focal Points – words, images

5. Details – pen or pencil

Sometimes it is freeing to try something new – give it shot!

Happy creating!

Ashley – @magmagandme

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