Faithful | Ashley


Hi friends!  My reading brought me to Joel 2 today, and even though the beginning of this chapter is made terrible with the tokens of God’s wrath, the end of it gives us the assurances of His favor. Instead of focusing on the negative things that happened to the people I wanted to journal the bright side of finding favor with God and His faithfulness to provide if we heed His instructions.


The February Faith Box colors are so bright and cheery. I wanted to create a color splash behind the stickers and alpha stickers. So, I used watercolors and brushed down different areas of each color. Then I used black and white washi to stand out against the burst of colors. A few watercolor splatters and my background is finished.

I used the triangle line stamp from the Faith Box to make a line to look like it’s washi. The Jesus stamp was perfect for the tab, and oh how I love the little star stamp!!  SIDE NOTE:  Did I mention that I drew the JESUS stamp?! It still makes me double look – since the handwriting is familiar. 🙂

Finally, I added in other stickers from the box and used the alpha stickers for LORD. I edged & outlined everything in black pen and ink.

I know the Feb Box is sold out but you can subscribe for the March Kit and never miss out again! (SUBSCRIBE here) And hint hint – yours truly had a hand in the March kit too!

I hope you can find the colorful, hopeful message in whatever you’re doing!

Ashley aka @magmagandme


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