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Hello friends! Today I’m sharing a simple way to practice daily encouragement. Sometimes we need to find a bible verse that we can cling to, pray often, and remind ourselves of. I find using verses an easy way to pray and be in conversation with God – tying it into what I’m doing or what I’m feeling and sharing it as much as I can.

Here is one of my favorites from Psalms written in my traveler’s notebook:


Here is a closer look. Delight has been a word that resonates with me. The definition of delight is something that gives great pleasure; joy. I love this word and everything it stands for. How can we not find pleasure and pure joy in our Lord?


I loved using the stamps in this month’s Faith Art Box to make a subtle background using pale pink and blue inks with the triangle border and star stamps. I also took some of the word stamps – ‘and’ as well as ‘of’ in my verse.

I write down bible verses in my traveler’s notebook or even while bible journaling to help remember what I want to focus on for the upcoming days. Making the words come alive off the pages really speak to me and help me with memorization too.


Sometimes with the curveballs of life, it can be hard to find joy. God never said life would be easy. Jesus faced trials and moments of suffering. As followers of Christ, we will experience these things too. As we face life, we can rest in a God who is mighty and powerful, yet full of love for us with unending mercy and grace. I am so thankful that we can use the bible to help us grow closer to Him.

I hope and pray you continue to find joy each day – whether it’s during sad times, happy occasions, or times of trouble. God is with you always.

I would love to hear which verses provide encouragement for you!

Blessings, Xxo – Tara


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