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Hi everyone! I am so excited to dive into the March FaithArt Box! I kinda feel like it’s my first Creative Retreat baby, since they let me help out so much this month. Seriously, Danielle let me touch everything and I’d love it!  img_4740

To see my handwriting and drawings in the stamps and flower stickers is so neat. I also enjoyed working on the subscriber devotional and cut outs. I may be bias but it is all SO CUTE! Have I convinced you to get it yet?!

Got it?! Great, let’s start creating!

When I opened my box and laid everything out I always have a little shadow watching me. Graylyn is 3 and truly my mini me. She looks, acts, talks and crafts just like me! She was so excited for me when I explained that mommy helped draw these things. She immediately pulled out her journaling Bible and asked, “what are we waiting for!?”

So together, we worked on a page.


The first thing we did was stamp the JOY onto scrap paper – the CR backing paper is a thick cardstock – I always use that for something – don’t throw it away!


Graylyn stamped and punched her joy on thinner paper.


Then we used the stickers; it was very hard to reason with a toddler why she can’t use every single one. LOVE THESE COLORS!


Then we made our own tabs.

On a scratch piece of paper we laid down two different washi strips and used the scallop stamp (that yours truly designed) to make a line just like the washi.

Take your tab punch and find the right spot to punch it.


The thing I like about making your own tabs is that you can play around with where you want to punch it. SO MANY OPTIONS. Try moving it in different angles, high, low, up side down – find the perfect spot. tabHere are the ones we punched out using our 6 inches of scrap paper.


Graylyn and I each picked one and glued it down. You can see below that we used all back and white washi on our page and tabs. Classic always matches. I asked G what her favorite part of kit was and she said the cross stamps. We had fun sprinkling them around our pages. (PS love the ribbon bow clips this month – which one is your favorite?)fullsizerender46

We were working in Zephaniah 3:14.

Sing aloud, O daughter of Zion;
    shout, O Israel!
Rejoice and exult with all your heart,
    O daughter of Jerusalem!”

Matthew Henry writes, “After the promises of taking away sin, follow promises of taking away trouble. When the cause is removed, the effect will cease. What makes a people holy, will make them happy. The precious promises made to the purified people, were to have full accomplishment in the gospel.”

I love that line – what makes us holy, makes us happy. That is totally going in my Bible next.

I also love that using stamps and stickers in a simple way, my 3 year old and I can have a moment in the Lords word together. There was a lot of joy today, in more ways than one!fullsizerender44

I ended up using the small dot washi that she chose around my page like sprinkles. I cut small pieces of the washi apart and used them like stickers.


…and there you have it!  I hope you are inspired to pull out your Bible or notebook and start illustrating your faith today!

Maybe you haven’t tried Bible journaling with your children; can I encourage you to? Use a sheet of paper, a notebook or decide if they are ready for a Bible. We definitely had the “this is why we are coloring in our Bibles talk” followed by the “don’t rip it out and tape it to the fridge talk” first. I pray it will become a treasured time they want to do, for the rest of their lives.




Here is where you can find me:

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One thought on “Abiding in Him brings Joy | Ashley

  1. Thank you for this post! Congratulations on you collaboration with this kit. It is currently sold out ( 😕 ), but looks beautiful. I really enjoyed the close ups and detail of your process with the materials and tools — very helpful. I loved your discussion of the scripture. Lastly, what a joy it must be to create with your child. May the Lord continue to bless both of you.



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