Prayer Cards | Stephanie

Hello my sweet Creative Retreat friends! Stephanie Gold here and I have a couple prayer cards for you today that I made to actually suit a need of mine.

So my husband and I are part of a “Parents of Young Children” Small Group at our church. We meet at our actual church in a small area at an early time, have a potluck dinner, and then our kids go play with some awesome teens in another room while the “grown ups” get to have a few kid free minutes to discuss our Small Group topics and mingle. It’s one of my favorite favorite favorite times of the year when these go on.

We always take prayer requests and pray together at the end of the night, but then I always lose the paper we had them written down on, and I always feared I wasn’t continuing to pray for every need – because what if I forgot one?! I really wanted to ensure that I was consistently praying for my friends and their needs so I decided to create some prayer cards to write down the requests – something I could then take home and refer back to over and over.


I used this month’s Creative Retreat Faith Art kit to make these and they are just so perfect!!! The little “+” from the stamp set works great as a bullet point and that gorgeous handwritten “pray” is not only relevant, but beautiful! And then to finish these lovely cards off I added a bow paper clip to make it easy for me to keep track of within my books.


Do you make your own prayer cards? Or maybe you use different ones? Tell me about your small group experiences! I’d love to hear your stories. 🙂

Until next time! Much love everyone!

Xo, Stephanie


2 thoughts on “Prayer Cards | Stephanie

  1. Good morning, Stephanie. I really like your idea for — and the finished versions of — your prayer cards. I love the color combination of the blue and green, by the way. I think this would work just as well for pages in a prayer binder or for cards in a prayer box. Sometimes the most simple ideas are the best. Bible/faith journaling is about keeping God in our hearts throughout the day. Making a prayer card for someone connects the physical (the act of creating) with the spiritual (the praying)…and it is then that we can also carry those for whom we pray in our hearts throughout the day. Well done!

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