Reveal: April Faith Art Box

More than a year ago, a sweet customer contacted me and suggested that we offer bible journaling kits in addition to our faith-based stamp sets. At the time, we were only offering embellishment kits for traditional and pocket scrapbooking. That customer’s name was Elli Hamm. Fast forward to today, and she is such an important part of our Design Team — creating beautiful journaling entries with inspiring faith, lifting others up within the community, and now designing an entire collection for YOU!

I am thrilled to reveal our April #faithartbox designed by Elli. 🙂 Our cardstock stickers have a lovely combination of purples balanced by a golden yellow. This month’s stamp set includes 14 individual pieces that can be arranged and rearranged to create a variety of phrases. And this month’s subscriber exclusive is a wonky diamond stencil that will fit perfectly into your margins. Take a look!




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