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april heart stamp
“As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man.” Proverbs 27:19

Everything we take in, look at, read, be around affects our heart – and our heart is a true reflection of who we are.  Are you protecting your heart?

For this quick, little entry I used the your and heart stamp from the APRIL FAITHBOX. I also used the Y O U alpha stamps.

I also used the tiny alpha squares that come in the April Box – they are perfect for adding your own words that aren’t in the stamp. One trick to spacing out stickers perfectly – is to stick them on a shiny surface and see where you should start sticking them down. If I am in a rush and just stick the sticker to my page – i ALWAYS regret it because things aren’t centered!
FullSizeRender (5)

Then I can line it up – center it – see if it fits. FullSizeRender_1 (4)

Sometimes, if you use a shiny surface you can easily stick them down in one shot – otherwise start with the first letter and use your paper as a level guide (like i didn’t do! haha) FullSizeRender_2 (4)

So you never know where creativity will hit! The side of my table becomes a holder for scraps and pieces of washi that has been discarded. I decided to use the bits to create the color/design for my page. I took a small scissor and cut the washi scraps into triangles. FullSizeRender_3 (4)

I also added a couple of the BELOVED heart stickers and mini heart stamp from APRIL BOX too.FullSizeRender_4 (3)

I added a couple do dads at the top – aka tabs + clips & dated it! FullSizeRender_5 (2)

There you have it! Hope you are inspired to use what you have around you + some pretty awesome FAITHBOX goodies!



Your heart reflects YOU

be careful what you let in. FullSizeRender_6Happy creating!

Ashley @magmagandme


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