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Hi everyone! This is Cristin popping in with a bible journaling page and a solution to those times when you’re ready to journal something, but then realize: you’re out of your favorite heart stickers! Don’t fret my pet! There’s an easy way to get more mileage out of your used up sticker sheet.

I read this verse in Psalms, and I thought it would be perfect with this month’s Creative Retreat kit! Here’s the verse:

“With all my heart I will praise you, O Lord my God.

I will give glory to your name forever.”

Psalms 86:12 NLT

I’ve noticed when I fill my heart with things that are of God, I can’t help but praise Him. Proverbs 4:23 says “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” So, filling my heart with praise for Him seems like a good course!

The April stamp set is so perfect to match this exact verse. I love it when that happens. But, since I’ve been using my kit, I’ve run a bit low on the lovely heart stickers. So, I decided to use the sticker shape to make a stencil. This tip is something I’ve done before and I love how I can make a perfect outline with the edges of the sticker. IMG_0083

First, cut out around the sticker shapes, leaving as much space around the shape as possible. I used three hearts in a row. Next, press the sticker onto a fuzzy surface like your shirt or your jeans. Do this a few times. You want to reduce the tackiness of the sticker surface so that it’s sticky-note sticky, but not stick-to-your-page-permanently sticky. You want to be able to pull the stencil off of the page without causing damage.

Then, use the shape like a stencil and dab ink or paint onto the shape. I used a sponge dauber, but a cotton swab or a makeup sponge will work. Here I’ve used a blue Sea Breeze Versa Magic chalk ink. If your sponge is too large and goes over the stencil, mask of the surface with a few sticky notes.IMG_0084

Next, I switched to pink (Pixie Dust – same brand) and continued stenciling. Sometimes I only used one of the hearts before I moved the stencil. The ink seemed to dry without smudging, but if yours smudges, use a heat tool to set the ink.

I stopped with two heart colors, but it would have been fun to do a whole rainbow of hearts.


I added lime green acrylic painted dots with a cotton swab to fill in the white spaces and I filled in the tiny heart stamps with Nuvo Crystal Drops in Carnation Pink. I also used a few quick swipes of Key Lime green (same brand of ink) on the other side of the page.

Thanks so much for reading my tutorial! Find me here on Instagram for more bible journaling tips. See you soon!



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