Trust in God | Krystal

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.” – John 14:1 

Trusting is one thing many of us have a hard time really doing, and not letting our hearts be troubled.  It is so easy to let our hearts become troubled.  I know for me, I let fear and worry creep in to steal my peace and joy. In John 14, a few hours before Jesus was to go up on the cross he sat with his disciples who had anxious hearts.  In verse 1 Jesus tells them to not be troubled but to trust in God.


When we put our trust in God and not in things of this world or in things not in our control, but in His ultimate control we are able have hope and settle our weary hearts. Sometimes that means setting aside our plans or expectations and surrendering to His plans. I want to encourage you today when you find your self feeling anxious or troubled, to look to God and trust in His word and rest in His love.


In the April faith art box this month we received a cool wonky diamond stencil.  I thought it would be fun to do a little mixed media on my page and add a little texture by adding some modeling paste to the page.


If you do not have modeling paste you could also use texture paste, or even spackling from a hard ware store. Your texture paste can be applied to your stencil using a palette knife or old gift card by swiping the paste across the stencil.  You can also control how thick you want the texture paste to be by how much you swipe across the stencil by adding more paste to it or swiping the excess away.


I moved the stencil around on the page to get a scattered look of diamonds, and to still have room to journal in the margins of the bible using a mixture of the stamps and stickers from this months kit.  I added a one of the sticker tabs to the top of the page along with one of the word stickers that said “trust” and added a little heats to it for added layers.


I really loved playing with this months kit, and trying to create some mixed media in my bible pages with it.  I hope you found some inspiration today!  I love seeing what you all are creating with the kits! If you are on instagram don’t forget to use the hashtag #creativeretreatkits when sharing.

Be Blessed Friends,



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