I Am Safe in You | Angela

The name of the Lord is a strong tower;
the righteous man runs into it and is safe.
**Proverbs 18:10**

It’s pretty amazing that we have the Lord as our strong tower….unwavering and solid….firm and secure!  This is just the opposite of what the world offers us….always wavering and anything but solid…..soft and insecure!  What stood out to me in this verse was that we run “into” Him and are safe. 

What does it look like to run into Him?  We are to flee to Him….to trust in Him.  Just as the rich man runs to his money for safety, we rich men run into our Savior. The difference:  We are safe.  The surest safety one can have!  Praise be to God!

My goal is to get in the Word every day.  However, some days I have more time than others.  So, what I absolutely love about all of the Creative Retreat Kits is that journal entries come together with such ease.  All of the colors, stamps, and stickers coordinate so beautifully!  Some of the more time consuming elements are now at your fingertips!  Not to mention….those bows 😉

Keep running into Him, Friends.


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