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The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe. — Proverbs 18:10

Are you stressed? In poverty? Touble? Bondage to debt? Are you fearful of the present or the future? In great danger? Are you going through a dry season? Do you need strength to get up in the mornings? God spoke through the Holy Spirit-inspired writer of Proverbs to give us the answer: He is our strong tower! The righteous run into His arms of protection and are safe! But what does God mean when He calls Himself a strong tower?

1. Our Refuge and Protection

A “strong tower” refers to much more than the typical watchtower that surrounded many ancient walled cities. During ancient times, a strong tower was a place of safe refuge, huge and heavily fortified, built with thick stone blocks. The tower’s large walled areas protected many soldiers and replacements. When I think of strong towers and walled cities, I remember my visit to The Great Wall of China which, as massive and amazing that was, is incomparable to the strong tower that God could be for us when we need Him. He protects us from the enemy, from difficulty, from anything that we are afraid of.

2. Our Provision

God is a tower of refuge for those who put their trust in Him! During ancient times, strong towers were built to hold huge amounts of food and supplies. Even in the midst of warfare, these fortresses housed great storages of provision. What’s the significance to us today? God not only provides defense and protection for the righteous, but He is a covenant-keeping God who will never leave us, fail us, or forsake us. His provision is consistent. He’s reliable and trustworthy and will meet our needs according to HIs riches in glory.

He’s reliable, constant, trustworthy. A very present help in times of trouble. Run to Him.


For this page, I knew I wanted to write out “Jesus – Your Name is a strong & mighty tower,” so I looked for the verse and found Proverbs 18:10.

First, I checked to see which words I had from the sticker sheet and which words I had to spell out using the alpha stickers. I wanted a little bit more texture so I decided to use some of the alpha stickers from last month’s kit. Next, I put down some washy tape and chose colors that closely matched the color palette of the kit. Then I wanted to use the floral stamps as a “background” and used chalk ink and evenly stamped it across the page. Last, I topped it with this beautiful bow clip and filled empty spaces with stickers.

Super easy, super simple, super fun. These kits are beautiful + all of that. Great for all levels of bible journalers.


You can purchase this kit here or visit the Creative Retreat shop here to see more of their other kits and products.

I’m Cece and I started Bible Journaling in January 2017. Add me on Instagram to see my progress. Have a


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