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Hello everyone, it’s Lindsey! I’m here on the blog and Creative Retreat YouTube channel to share how I created this page using the June 2017 Faith Art Box. (As of this posting this kit is sold out but you can still sign up for the subscription so that you are sure to receive next month’s box!)


You can find the video tutorial for how this page came together over on the Creative Retreat YouTube channel but here I wanted to share with you some of the interesting things I found while studying this Psalm.

10 With my whole heart I seek you;

let me not wander from your commandments!

Psalm 119:10

So I set out by first studying this verse after looking at some of the stickers in the June kit and finding this verse that some of them would go with. I usually Bible journal based on areas that I’m currently studying but sometimes I just let the products lead me to a particular verse and then dive into my studying that way.

While studying this verse I discovered some Bible trivia that I thought I’d share with you (in case you are into that kind of thing)! So here you go:

  • The author is unknown but some believe it was written by King David while my Zondervan Study Bible suggests that it may have been written by Ezra.
  • Psalm 119 is not only the longest Psalm but also the longest chapter in the entire Bible.
  • Though the author is unknown, the subject of importance is not. This Psalm focuses on the importance of God’s Word and how it should be a priority in our lives.
  • Here’s the one that I thought was most interesting…the 176 verses are broken up into 22 sections that correspond with a different letter in the Hebrew alphabet. If you were to read this Psalm in Hebrew you would see that the verses in each section begin with the letter of that section. This would have been extremely helpful for memorization since it wasn’t common to have your own copy of the Bible at the time that this was written and so you had to commit it to memory (AWANA on steroids hahaha).


In verse 10 it says, “With my whole heart I seek you…” and this needs to be my focused prayer. I struggle with making God the primary focus and priority of each day. I imagine I’m not the only one who tends to let my selfishness and life dictate what my focus is for the day. I should be earnestly seeking God with every ounce of being.

Are my activities ones that have an ultimate purpose of serving God? Or are they just earthly tasks that have no real importance? Now, don’t think I’ve got this all down perfect in my own life. This is a daily struggle for me and I plan on using this Psalm as a guide for my prayers as I strive to make God the main priority of my life.


You can make your way over to the Creative Retreat YouTube Channel to see my tutorial for this Bible Art Journaling page and also be sure to subscribe to the Faith Art Boxes as these are selling out like crazy and you don’t want to miss out!

Until next time!


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