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Hi friends!

So lets say hypothetically you forget that you were supposed to have a crafty item ready for something and time is running out. Now this is JUST A HYPTHETICAL here, I am NOT talking about my project for today.

So let me show you how having a GREAT stamp set can save you. In under 5 minutes you can snap together a:

-birthday card

-anniversary tag

-lunch note for your sweets

-Bible journaling tip in




FullSizeRender (11)


1. I found three matching matching papers and cut them in different strips to cover my jumbo white tags. I knew I needed three but wanted them to match so I placed the paper in slightly different spots. Using the same paper helps them coordinate.

2. Today I used the stamp set from the JULY FAITH BOX. (Sign up here)  I LOVE THIS SET! I stamped three different sayings. This set has many possibilities. Combine it with stickers and there are even more. I used one sticker (brighter) on the first tag – and realized I don’t have time for stickers – hurry hurry! So stamps it is!

FullSizeRender_3 (9)

3. Using a sharpie I added a few quick details. Shine lines and dashes. Classic go to’s for


4. Here is where you add more frills and embellishments. I used a couple enamel dots and a piece of pom pom fringe that was abandon on my desk. You could add paint, use  stencils and anything else you have to add a interest. (I was keeping it simple and with the goal of a 5 MIN craft)

FullSizeRender_2 (10)

5. Top it off! Grabbing what you have is quick and resourceful. I looked for yellow things in my bits and bobs cubby. Yellow ribbons, fabric and a mint yarn piece. Bow them on top of each tag and wala!

I hope I have inspired you that no matter what time you have – between the dishwater and washing machine going off, a few mins before you have to leave for that party, the last few seconds of their nap time – you can sneak in a quick craft!

FullSizeRender_1 (10)

Happy crafting!



Ps. Happy Birthday America! In true mom of toddlers fashion, I will create my red, white and blue craft ode just for you tomorrow! A day late and a dollar short just might be the title!



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