His Light Shines Through | Cece

I have been in between travels this past week. In the last 5 days, I went from Shanghai to Manila and now I’m in Bali. Life’s been busy reuniting with family and friends. I’m grateful for this time of rest from work and the expat life in China.

My flight from Manila to Bali was at 4am. That excited me because I knew that I would be seeing the sunrise from up above. Normally I fly the red-eye flight and arrive at my destination before sunrise. So it was really something I was looking forward to. When I got on my flight with 25 other family and friends, I was tired because I haven’t slept much in the past couple of days. I don’t sleep easily when traveling so I knew I wasn’t going to get much sleep on the plane. Instead, I waited for the first peeks of light to shine through the horizon.


God reminds me that no matter how dark, we can always count on the Sun to shine through. That’s who God is to us in life. He’s constant, faithful, and trustworthy, even and especially in dark and tiring times.

Nothing ever remains the same in this world. Things change. People move. Time goes by. Kids grow up. And sometimes our footsteps falter on things we’ve depended on so very much, but really aren’t meant to fully support us. We simply cannot rely only on what surrounds us, even the people who we love most, because to fully rely on one thing or person means that they can never leave or change.

When darkness looms close in life, and a crisis occurs, when anxiety builds and fear surrounds, we may stumble, we may fall. And our hopes get dashed, and the future starts to look dim. We face obstacles along the path that seem much too hard to navigate through. Shadows hover over the way that once appeared clear. We feel lost and alone, souls needy and desperate, seeking life, looking for hope, for something to hold on to.

But here’s truth; in it all, his light still shines. It never flickers out, it doesn’t hide itself away. Because he never changes and will not be overcome by darkened days. Clear and constant, guiding our path, he gives hope and purpose through every treacherous step along the journey.

The tiny sliver of light amidst the gray in the sunrise that morning, spoke volumes to my heart. Because even when we can’t find our way, and the tide has turned and the struggles seem fierce, or we feel overwhelmed, and the winds blow strong… He’s still there. Hope shines through. It may be just a glimmer but it’s enough, to whisper his words of truth, “I see you, you are never alone. I will carry you through the fiercest of times, into places of peace, and will make your footsteps strong.” He’s our sure foundation. Wind beneath our wings. Whisper of peace that calms the waves and storm. Glimmer of light in a dark world.

When I got this kit, I was so excited to use the beautiful stamp set. I wanted this page to be simple but powerful. I wanted the words to stand out  so I decided to scrape some dark blue acrylic paint down on the page before stamping them out, “Your light will shine in the dark,” with some yellow chalk ink. I tested it out on scratch paper first to see how well this technique would work and I loved how it turned out and did it on the page itself. I dabbed the rest of the page with some chalk ink in light blue. I added some black & white washy tape and some enamel dots that is a subscriber exclusive.


This kit is beautiful and you can do so much with it. They sell out fast so get yours here today! Creative Retreat Kits are easy to use for all levels of Bible journalers. I’m Cece and I’ve been journaling since January 2017. It’s been such a beautiful journey and I am so glad I got on the ride. Visit me on Instagram to follow my progress!

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