Flourish | Elli

“Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him.” 1 Corinthians 7:17


This summer one of my goals was to go back through some of my messy notes that I took way back in March at the BSF leaders retreat. The weekend was full of encouragement, wisdom, and challenge. The theme was spiritual growth and maturity.  In the top right corner of one of my messy pages full of notes I found this powerful definition for flourish.

Human flourishing is living out God’s purpose for you

When I read over more of my notes, I saw a little equation on how to mature, grow, and flourish spiritually.

Study God’s word + Serve Him = Spiritual Growth

I have noticed that a huge part of my ability to flourish and live out God’s purpose for me is knowing God’s word, knowing God, loving Him and desiring to serve Him. It starts there, but stepping out in obedience to serve Him, to serve His people, that is when I have seen growth. Knowing without a doubt that I am in His will, that He is using even me to build His kingdom, gives me such satisfaction and purpose. The work I do for the Lord is eternal. Through serving Him, I also have learned to rely on Him to do the work, to do the maturing, to make a way for me to continue in the purpose He has for me. I have never flourished more than studying and serving through BSF. It was never my plan to serve in this way and there have been times where I tried to take control of when, how, and who I serve. But God is faithful, and He made it abundantly clear to me that this is part of His purpose for me right now. I am so thankful to be flourishing where He has planted me, doing what He has assigned for me and called me to.



This month’s creative retreat faith art box was perfect for this entry in my Bible. I had so much fun playing with the stamps to create this floral bouquet in the margin.  I decided to add some of the small enamel dots to the design and I think they were the perfect touch! In the photo below I’ve shown a little step by step of how I used one little stamp and one little enamel dot to create a cute design for my flower bouquet.  I’ve had a lot of fun getting creative with my creative retreat enamel dots too! They are a great addition to any of the kits!

IMG_20170726_101228_539Thanks for reading this post. I hope that you were encouraged and inspired.  God has a unique purpose and calling for you, and when you live out His purpose for you, you will flourish! If you have no idea what God has for you, start with diving into the Word and ask Him to guide you and give you an eager and willing heart to follow His lead and obey His call. Many blessings, friends!

Flourishing in Christ,



p.s. I had the privilege of helping with the design of this month’s kit! I’ll be posting more pictures of how I use it over on my instagram page. You can find me here to follow along! Please be sure to use the #creativeretreatkits hashtag or tag me in your work so I can see how you’re using the kit too!


6 thoughts on “Flourish | Elli

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! That is the sweetest compliment! I pray that the kit is a blessing to you as you delight in God’s Word through the creative process ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Susan! Sorry I didn’t see your comment right away! The jar stamp I used here is from an old set I got at Michael’s. I’m not sure it’s available anymore. But I know it’s a pretty popular design so hopefully you can find one that fits nicely in the Bible margins!



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