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With God we will gain the victory, and He will trample down our enemies. Psalm 60:2

The more I know God the more I desire to live a life that is pleasing to Him. I have a passion for women to know Gods love. A passion for woman to behold and devour the book that we have the blessing and privilege to freely read. The book that contains The Word, The Life, and

The Truth.

The Truth

The word of God is living, it is active, and it is sharp (Hebrews 4:12). It has the power to break for the purpose of healing. It has the wisdom that we need daily. The words are weaved together with mercy and grace, but most importantly the truth. The word of God is the truth that we live by and it is the truth that protects us.

John 17:17 Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.

We are sanctified and refined by the truth, so why does the world reject what is true? Because the truth isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes the truth is harsh and it hurts, but it always hurts for the purpose of healing and changing us. The truth is what convicts us to repent and walk in the path that God has laid out for us.

The truth will set us free (John 8:32). It sets us free form lies, from burdens, from bondage, from pride, and so much more. It is essential to our growth in our relationship with God and our growth in our character as we are renewed constantly into the likeness of God.

The root word for truth is alethes which means true, loving the truth, speaking the truth, and truthful. We are to love the truth and to not just read it but speak it over our life and other peoples lives.

W have the truth, but it is our choice weather we will chose to live by it, be changed by it and arm ourselves with it.

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The Armor

In Ephesians 6 Paul gives us an image of the armor of God. whether we believe it or not, we are in a very real spiritual battle and having the truth of the word is much needed for our protection.

When we are bombarded by the enemy, the truth tells us we will gain the victory and the Lord will trample down our enemies. Choosing to believe the truth over lies will protect us and uphold us.

Truth in the armor of God is a belt. The Roman solider was easily identified as a soldier even when he didn’t have his full armor on. Neither his cloak nor tunic seemed to have much difference between the average civilian, but there were two truly distinguishing factors to identify a solider. His sandals (shoes of peace) and his belt (the belt of truth).

The wearing of arms in public especially the sword (the sword of the spirit) defined a soldier. The belt became a symbolic object that was actually dishonorable to take off and it set the solider apart from civilian men.

When we walk around we will be distinguished and set apart from the world. Our other articles of clothing might look similar to the world, but not quite. We are girded with truth and we uphold it in our lives. Gird means to secure a garment of sword on the body with a belt. Without the truth the sword (of the spirit) can not be put in place.

The belt was the first thing that the solider put on and it is the first thing that we must put on also. The other pieces of the armor depend of the belt of truth. We must be in the word daily and diligently because when the lies of the enemy come, we will have to truth to combat those attacks.


A Prayer

lord I thank you for your unfailing love. For the beautiful gift of your armor which you Holy Spirit empowers to ensure us the victory. Lord today I need your truth. I need the balance, the stability, and the resistance it gives me. Lord never before have I had a high standard of living but your truth gives that to me, thank you.

Lord thanks you for holding us steady and strong by your truth. Strengthen your truth in my life so that I may not buckle under pressure. Lord give me the wisdom to always stand firm in your truth so that your strength will flow into every area of m life. Lord give me firm confidence in your promise so that I will have the Holy courage and spiritual strength to carry out what you have called me to do.

Thank you for freeing me Lord and for giving me righteousness. Open my eyes to the things I need to restrict in order to move forward as I submit to you daily allowing me to advance against the enemy. lord I am calling out to you. I need your light to pierce through the darkness. Lay bare the schemes, the systems, and the illusions of the enemy. I will not stand by and allow the lies to torment me or my family. Shine your Holy light into my life and the lives around me.

I am boldly asking you to give me the courage to hold up the truth as a banner over my life, over my (person) life, over my children’s lives, and as a banner over my home. This house will only serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Suffocate the enemy with your light Lord. Your truth is the standard of this house. Thank you for your unfailing love for us and your true faithfulness. In Jesus name. Amen

Page Process

For this page I first put down some paint with a credit card, and layered the colors. The I spelled out truth with letter stickers. Next I used the creative august kit to stamp “Lord” and used the adorable flower to stamp those flowers. Last I put some of the heart stickers and used the pink bow.


About the author

Finn is a wife and a mother of two, whose heart is to encourage women to be vessels for the Lords light even in the midst of dark valley seasons. She is passionate about God and she is passionate about sharing His word with others. If you were encouraged by todays post you can find more of Finn at:
Blog valleysoflight.com
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a prayer for truth


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