He is good | Bible journaling with Colleen

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. For His steadfast Love endures forever. Psalm 118:29

God is good. Always. He is worthy of our praise. It may be easy for us to say God is good. But do you believe it in your heart? Do you trust him and his goodness when you walk through the hard seasons? Do you still believe he is in control and he will take care of you?

We need that reminder. That whether we are in a storm or victory, he is good. He has our heart in his hands. He knows what is best even when it is not what our heart desires. He knows the tears that will fall. He knows our hearts don’t understand the why’s. And he is still good.

 When things don’t go our way. He is good. When we fail. He is good. When we are disappointed. He is good. When relationships fall apart. He is good.

We need to tell ourselves this truth. We need friends who remind us of this. We need to remember he loves us. Perfectly. Forever.


So one of the things I am working on loving is my own handwriting, especially my cursive. One way I have been happy is when I write a few words big with a pencil, and then take a paintbrush and trace over it. Then I outline it with a pen. The outlining really finishes the word and makes it look fancier. Seriously. Try it, let me know if you do!!!

Watercolor background
Credit card painting (purple and lavender)
Texture stamps with Stazon Ink
Use hexi Stickers
Stamp words from kit
Add more texture with Stamps and heart stickers

You can buy your December Faith Art Box here. Follow me on Instagram at StirtheSOUL.

Blessings, Colleen

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