Renew | Bible Journaling with Ashley Haake

The January kit is so light and refreshing….it really encourages me to renew my spirit & attitude this winter. This weekend brought in 19 inches of new powdery snow and a pure as snow reminder of God’s love for each of us.


So what do Minnesotians do when your face will be frost bitten if you go outside?! We craft and make messy. Cue the paint. I pulled colors that matched the stickers.


When I want a soft background I use a sponge or my fingers. A brush will leave streaks or lines or make my page too heavy. Finger painting is amazing, you should try it!


These are a few of my favorite Creative Retreat bows from past collections – I just had to use them – since they are the perfect colors!


Then I started adding stickers and more stickers. I used a large white alpha set that i had in my stash. Everything else is from the January #faithartbox. I love the F words (the good ones!) that are a part of the stamp set too!


I like to outline my stickers in white or black and add a few details (like polka dots, always polka dots)!

I hope you are staying warm and feeling renewed this winter.

Happy creating!




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