Bold & Confident in Christ | bible journaling with Ashley Luis


Ephesians 3:12 – “in whom we have boldness and access with confidence through our faith in Him.”

After reading this verse that was referenced in this month’s devotional, I knew I wanted to center my page around the prayers God was placing on my heart. The first was, “Let me be bold & confident in You,” and the second was, “Jesus, make me brave.” Ephesians 3:12 is a great reminder for me that the Lord makes me bold and brave through the strength and confidence He provides when I have faith in Him alone.


So many times I shy away from sharing the story God has given me for fear of others’ reactions to my past. Instead, I want to be reminded of this verse in those moments so that I can be bold and fearless about sharing my story for His glory. What is the point of being made new in Christ if we are not willing to show the world how He has transformed us? How will we share of the gospel if we are unwilling to divulge the ways that the Holy Spirit has been working in our lives? The truth is, God wants us to be doing all of the above. Yes, that may require us to be courageous in sharing our testimony publicly, but think of how great it would be to help grow even just one disciple for Christ because your story touched their lives.


I am grateful that I am being stretched in this season to be more like Jesus. I want to shout of the goodness of my God from the rooftops for all to hear. Two years ago though, I’d barely share my story with those closest to me because I was afraid. Will you ask God to come into your life so that you can be made new as well? If you already have a relationship with Christ, is it time to surrender your story to God so that He can use it for His glory? I pray that you too will seek His strength and confidence to do just that.

To read a bit of my personal testimony, please visit my IG @legacyoflove_creations and click the link in my profile. On my website there is an “about me” section where you can find a brief testimony. I pray that my story helps you be bold & confident in Christ as well.



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