He Loved Me First | Bible Journaling with Julie

You can see the entire process video for this page on the Creative Retreat YouTube channel or at the link at the bottom of the post.

“We love each other because He loved us first.”  1 John 4:19


February 14 is Valentine’s Day, and we all know what that means.  Chocolate, cards, romantic dinners, and flowers.  Love.  It is the day we shower our sweethearts with gifts to show them we love them.  This will be my 23rd Valentine’s Day with my husband (not including the years we dated).  Over the years, we have celebrated in various ways, but we’ve always celebrated each other and the love we share.


My husband has no problem telling me he loves me.  He concludes every phone call with those sweet words.  He also shows his love in his own love language, acts of service.  He was the first one to actually say those words–“I love you”–when we were dating.  As soon as he said those three little magic words, I said them right back!  Now, after all these years, I find it even easier to love him because of the love he showers me with.

That is what 1 John 4:19 talks about too (although in some of these pics I incorrectly noted it as 1 John 1:9!).  God is the One who said those special words to humanity first, when He planned out salvation for us, and then when He provided salvation for us at the Cross.  God showed His love to us FIRST, and we respond to His love.  It is only because of His love that we can love Him back, and in turn love others.  In fact, if truth be told, it is only by growing in His love that our marriages and relationships can truly work.  His unconditional, sacrificial, perfect love must flow through us towards others, because any love we produce in and of ourselves is imperfect, selfish and conditional.


For this page, I created a flower bouquet out of the heart stickers. I watercolored and stamped the greenery, stamped and embossed the bow, and added stickers for the words.  The stamps and stickers all came from the adorable February Faith Art Box, which you can pick up in the shop.


What are you creating with this sweet kit?  Be sure to share your creations with us.  Tag us on Instagram with @creativeretreat or #creativeretreatkits and #faithartbox.  Don’t forget the Creative Retreat Kits Insiders Facebook group, where you can see and share posts using these amazing products.

Check out my other process videos and tutorials on Jules’ Jewels YouTube Channel and on Instagram at @julesk.jewels.



3 thoughts on “He Loved Me First | Bible Journaling with Julie

      1. I love the new kit. The colors are so soft and pretty. I feel so blessed to get CR in the mail on these snowy days. Perfect timing.
        Thank you for having a video with ideas.
        Warm Blessings



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