Pour Out & Rain Down Love | Bible Journaling with Julie

Check out the process video for this entry on the CR YouTube Channel or by using the link at the bottom of this post.

“Pour out your unfailing love on those who love you;
give justice to those with honest hearts.”

(Psalm 36:10, NLT)

The above text in Psalm describes God as pouring out His love to those who love Him.  Other versions read it as “continue” instead of “pour out.”  The psalmist, David, writes this passage as a prayer to God to continue to pour out His vast, far-reaching (v. 5), and unfailing love upon him.


David was facing some pretty big “storms” in his life: among others, King Saul always trying to kill him.  So he turned to God’s love as the source of strength and comfort during those storms.  It is only because David asked for, and received, that love, that he was able to lead his army and his people with such success.  It is only because he soaked up and “splashed” in that love, that he was able to treat Saul with such grace and forgiveness, rather than kill him when he had the opportunity.  Yes, David sinned multiple times, but God credited him as being “a man after His own heart” (1 Sam. 13:14).  What made Him so close to God’s heart is how willing he was to receive God’s heart; how often he sought and prayed for an outpouring of God’s love!

Today I’m journaling lyrics from a song by “I AM THEY” entitled “Let Your Love Pour Out.”  My son and I lead out in Praise and Worship at church, and I’m always on the lookout for great new worship songs.  I came across this one and it worked perfectly with this month’s Faith Art Box!  I knew I wanted to include the words to the song itself, so I printed the words to the chorus on clear sticker paper, and then cut them out and adhered them to a large tag I made out of the devotional backing.  (The video shows you how to make an easy tag without measuring!


I began by making a watercolor background with various shades of blue and purple and yellow for the page.  I stamped the raindrops around the page, and colored them in with a white gel pen.  I used the POUR, LOVE, and DOWN stamps, along with the alpha-coins, word-fetti stickers, and hand-lettering to say, “Father, let your love pour down, let your love rain down on me.”


I stamped and cut out the rain boots, stuck the sticker flowers inside them, and then stamped the raindrops going upwards to make a little puddle scene.  I finished it off with Glossy Accents to make the puddle look watery.


I completed the page with some wonky heart stickers, washi tape, tags punched from the devotional backing, and the white pleather bow.  I also journaled my thoughts in the empty space on the right page, and added some blue splatter paint to finish everything off.  What a fun page with a powerful message!  Be sure to check out the process video below, as well as the other videos from the Video Team.  This kit is selling fast, so make sure to get yours!!! And share what you create with us on Instagram and in the Insiders Facebook group.

Check out my other process videos and tutorials on Jules’ Jewels YouTube Channel and my blog Jules’ Jewels, and other projects on Instagram at @julesk.jewels.



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