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“…tell the rock before their eyes to yield its water. So you shall bring water out of the rock for them and give drink to the congregation and their cattle.”
Numbers 20:8

     With all the talk about God’s love this month, I hope you’ve been blessed and are taking seriously the absolute, reckless love of our Lord.

Without the love of God pouring down on us constantly, where would we be?  Thirsty.  Absolutely parched.  I’m pretty sure we don’t truly understand the degree to which He loves us; though, we can certainly see the lengths He’s willing to go to, that we may come to Him; that we desire a relationship with Him.


This time around, I’m hanging out in the book of Numbers, chapter 20.  The Israelites have found themselves in a predicament, again; they grumble, again; God so lovingly and patiently provides…abundantly…again!

This is such a sweet picture of God’s prodigal, unstoppable love, despite human frailty and fickle nature. The process video for this is on the CRK Youtube channel, where I go into much greater detail, the cyclical lifestyle of humanity.

For now, let’s spend a few minutes thinking…

Before you came to know the Lord, do you remember who and what you used to be?  Do you recall times in which you needed His perfect intervention?  Do you sometimes forget the “darkness” the Lord brought you from; the slavery to sin; the bondage to death?
The Israelites gave us some pretty amazing examples of fallen humanity and the potential to turn away from the Living God.  Their history is one the Lord lets us view for our sake – and His glory – that we would be encouraged, have hope and seek Him in all times of life.  The struggles Israel had were real, much like our struggles.  Their failure to trust the Lord when things got difficult or questionable, is similar to our failure.  Their inclination toward idolatry when God is relatively “silent,” is akin to our own, even if we don’t want to think about it.
The good news is all over the Bible – even here.  Here the Lord provides a “GUSHING” for a people in their stubbornness and hardness, reminding them that He is gracious, and will always be gracious.  He gushed out water before them FROM A ROCK, to show that He is all-powerful – He can make water for drinking from anywhere, and it’s enough to satisfy all the people AND all the livestock.  That’s a lot of water, right?


Similarly, He has sacrificed even His own Son – the Living Water – smiting Him that we may live and find hydration for our weakened and parched souls!  This Living Water is the kind that will never leave us, nor forsake us; not to thirst, nor to death.  More than that, this better and purer, everlasting Water is the kind that refreshes, purifies and makes clean!  Oh, the love of God that constantly redeems the heart of man!

God’s love poured down from a rock in the wilderness, pales in comparison to the unfathomable love He gave from Himself, in Jesus Christ.

Such a rich love!  Such a prodigal love, yet such a needed, blessed Love!!

Much love from Him,

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