God’s Blossom | Bible journaling with Ashley


Philippians 1:6 – “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”


After reading sweet Brittany’s devotional message about blooming in faith, I couldn’t help but visualize myself as God’s blossom. He is the Great Gardener and He is tending to us even before we’re a thought in our parents’ minds! He has a master plan for how He’d like to see us grow and bloom across our time spent here on earth. His plans are always for our good, just as mine are for my seedlings when I’m carefully tending my veggie garden each summer. Of course, the truth is, free will and our sinful nature often get in the way of the Master Gardener’s plans for us to thrive. Luckily, if we are following Him, we can trust that He will help direct our paths into a season full of growth and redemption, so we can fully bloom in Him. I know I will fail daily, but if I keep my eyes on Him in obedience and continue to ask for a changed heart, I know that the Lord will deliver. I love thinking of it this way – the more I pray, seek Him daily through His Word, and repent, the more He will water my soul and shine His light within me so that I can grow to my full potential. Don’t the most beautiful flowers seem to be singing His praises and bowing in reverence to the One who created them? I want my life to reflect the same! Lord, help me to grow deeper in trust with roots solidly founded in your love. May I never doubt that You are doing a good work in me, no matter my life circumstances! AMEN.



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