He has Overcome| Bible Journaling with Brittany

Isn’t it crazy to think about sometimes. This person whom we’ve never met has and will completely turn our life around, just cause he wants to?! He knows and tells us that not everything will be perfect, we will stumble and have the worst days ever. We will wonder why in the world God is letting things happen, but we don’t have to know…He knows. He has already overcome this world, he’s already died and rose from the grave to tell about it. This is his world now and we are just livin in it, doing our best to disciple and make this world full of Jesus followers (who will still stumble and have really bad days sometimes).

I hate that not everyone sees it this way yet, but that’s what we are here for. To tell them the good news. That this world isn’t forever but Jesus is!

I used fun watercolors for this page using also the June Faith Art Box! I LOVE texture stamps so much, and the colors in the kit were easy to match!

Brittany Carleton


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