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“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” – Jesus
John 16:33

Hello my friends!!

A blessed Friday to you!  I pray that you’ve been enjoying the June #faithartbox!  It’s been a true pleasure to go through it on this end.  I have loved everything from the color in the kit to the content of the devotion written by Kaitlin Wernet.  How exciting to see all the wonderful creations on IG and the Creative Retreat Insiders Facebook group!









Putting together a page like this takes time, but it’s so worth it – just means I’m spending more time in the presence of my Creator :D.  The design on the backing of the devotion was one that I wanted very much to use in the pages of my bible, so bring on the paint!  Bring on the water!  Bring on the heat tool; we’re gonna get crazy!


This last little while of life has definitely been harder for my family, so the devotion and kit elements could not have come more timely!  God knew… God always knows.  He’s so wonderful, right?

In the process video, I go into a bit more detail as to why I believe God met me exactly where I am.  I enjoyed constructing it, but in the meantime, the Lord was finalizing in my thick noggin, the doctrinal truths of who He is; He’s God!  He’s fully God and I have no need to be afraid or downhearted.

I love the wording, “Take heart.”  It means a lot to me as it is something that Jesus tells His disciples directly.  We, of course, receive this truth indirectly as we read the Bible.  Whenever I read this, I picture Jesus’ eyes full and bright with hope as He lovingly iterates what all Christians need to know: I HAVE OVERCOME.


To be “in Christ,” means that we too, have overcome; we’ve conquered!  Jesus overcame death, hell and sin on the cross.  Were this not the case, He would not be able to say it to His disciples even BEFORE He endured denial, scourging, and crucifixion.  He knew that the human race is bent toward cowardliness, fear, and disheartening.  He knows even today, we need a truth like this written in our hearts for safe-keeping and easy retrieval. To take heart means that we lift our chin and remember that Jesus went to hell and back so that we could have victory over all obstacles, whatever our particular obstacles are (and they’re notably all different).

In other places, it’s told to us that Jesus has in every way been through what we have been through, yet He never sinned.  How glorious to know that He’s inviting us to claim the “win” He’s purchased for us as the perfect Lamb of God!
Because Jesus, we have peace.  Because Jesus, we have hope!  Because Jesus, we don’t need to be afraid or anxious for anything!  Because Jesus…. you fill in the blank. 🙂

God is good!  Jesus conquered!  And we can take heart!

Enjoy the study and let’s share in this beautiful victory!
Much love,

IG @mrcfuldeeds2010

2 thoughts on “Take Heart | Bible Journaling with Deeds

  1. Good morning, Deeds

    Just watched your video. LOVED all that you said. Beautiful. So true. Amazing how we need to hear this over and over ‘til we get it. Wonderful description of what the disciples “were in for.” You really humanized their experience. This was such a great message to start my day!

    Your creative process shows such joy!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning!!
      I’m so blessed to hear that this touched another! Life is meant to be shared, and I am so glad the Lord has used mine in yours! He is so good!!!
      God bless you, friend!



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