Because Jesus | Bible Journaling with Brittany


If you read 1 Thessalonians, it is full of a bunch of spitfire truths! One in particular that I love to see is, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as you are doing”. I love that something so simple as encouraging isn’t just “one of those things we know or should do”. It’s one of those truths, one of those rules or laws that are in the Bible. Some people only follow rules if they read them in plain black and white…they don’t agree there’s a grey area and they will only follow what they read, not what they hear. (Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s bad…like no one should text and drive, but Uhm that’s not in the Bible… please listen to it though)

You should not steal. Because Jesus.

You should be kind to your neighbor. Because Jesus.

You should not cheat. Because Jesus.

You should encourage your friends and fellow followers of the Lord. Because Jesus.


I used the June Faith art box here. For the background these are distress inks and also I used versamagic to emboss the fun texture stamps just for some added dimension!

Thanks! Brittany Carleton


4 thoughts on “Because Jesus | Bible Journaling with Brittany

  1. What is process for using the distressed inks? I would love to make the background color as you did. Are these bottle inks?


    1. Hey Kathy! I usually just use the distress ink pad and the blending sponge from Tim Holtz and just put it on there as us. They are ink pads not bottle.


      1. Thanks! I have some ink pads but no blending sponge. Perhaps I can improvise! Beautiful page.



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