Let Us Encourage One Another | Bible Journaling with Cece


For someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, I know how easy it is to get discouraged — wondering if you can make it another day, and asking yourself “when will the Lord return?” Sometimes the smallest of things — a pat on the back, a kind gentle word received at just the right time, or an unexpected phone call, text, email or snail mail from a dear friend, can lift your spirits and give you the courage and strength to press on.

Today, the Lord is reminding me and asking me, “What are you doing to encourage and build others up?”

We are so kind, genuine, and loving to those whom we do not know as well or who are new to a group, but as soon as we feel comfortable with one another, we use that comfort as an excuse to say hurtful and critical things, both jokingly and seriously.  We have been given the power of words and must use them in a way that builds up our brothers and sisters in Christ also builds up the Church, and ultimately, the Kingdom of God. Let us speak with the kind of responsibility that the growth of the Kingdom of God requires.

Let’s ask ourselves — How many times in a week do we say something destructive instead of constructive to the people around us? How often are we kind and encouraging to those who need it?


For this project, I decided to create in the devotional that came in my June #faithartbox using the elements from the kit and the free printable of the month that is available for free over on the Facebook Insiders Group. The devotional is printed on really good cardstock and is great for work directly into. Here’s the step-by-step of how this came together:

  1. (Front) I layered down some washy tape on both the top and bottom of the page and used the bunting from the free printable and drew my own lines to connect them together. I also knew I wanted to journal about building and encouraging each other so I used the image from the printable and thought it was perfect to put down on the front page as a title. Tip: When unsure of what to do on a page, starting off with putting down some washy tape usually helps.
  2. (Inside) First, I used some some scrapbook paper and inserted it in as an extra page, punched some holes through the devotional and the paper and tied it together using some ribbon. On top of the scrapbook paper, I added a smaller piece of white card stock paper using the same washy tape I used on the front page, to create a layered look. Next, I used the card stock word stickers and stamps from the kit and put down “Encourage and build each other up.” I added the label sticker on the bottom for the date. Then I wanted to use the elements from this month printable and decided to use all the tags and layered them on top of each other then adhering them down on the right side of the page — punching a hole and adding some ribbon for interest. I also added a floral die-cut I had in my stash and the “world” sticker (from the printable) on the other side + some washy tape to help bring the page together. Last, I added in some wonky hearts to fill in the space on the right.

Hope you liked this project and enjoyed reading about the process. I’m Cece and I’ve been journaling for about a year and a half now. You can find me on Instagram to follow my progress or on YouTube for some process videos.

Also, don’t forget to check out this kit in the shop and join the Creative Retreat’s Insiders Group to get your free printable, that coordinates with the kit, each month.



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