Bible Journaling with Brittany | Grow in the Spirit

This passage in Galatians begins the fruit of the spirit passage. Particularly Galatians 5:16. Before it starts talking about the different fruits we should receive by living in the Spirit, it simply tells us to be led by the Spirit first. Of course it does. You can’t receive something from someone if you’re not prepared to be equipped. I’m still learning though. Still preparing myself every single day to make sure I’m living in these fruits He’s given us. That’s why I changed this to GROW in the Spirit. I’m walking, I’m being led by, but I’m also growing as a person, a mom, and a daughter of the Lord.

It’s Ohkay to not have it down by day one. It’s Ohkay to grow.

For this page I used watercolors from Dots & Dust. I wasn’t planning on creating a slice of watermelon, but once I started adding color… that’s exactly what it looked like! So I added the “seeds” when I added my stamps and stickers from the July Faith Art Box! My favorite part is these enamel stickers… I am a sucker for some cute enamel stickers! Have a great week, friends!

Brittany ❤

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