Bible Journaling with Brittany | Sweet and Good


I have absolutely been LOVING getting a matching printable to use with the Faith Art Box every month recently! Sometimes I want to use something so bad I spent time researching different sayings from the printable or stamp so I can find the best verse and then I meditate on it.

So in my research it showed me Psalm 119:103 one that I’ve actually journaled before in past bibles but to my luck it was open. So I got to end my very long day yesterday mediating on:

” How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth”

His words are SO SWEET. Everything he does leaves such an amazing taste in my mouth. Every blessing he pours out, every direction he takes me (even if I’m not aware at the beginning) is the sweetest journey. Sometimes I think we forget that. Forget that the Lord is only out to do us GOOD… He’s only out to spread His love and His sweetness on us like we’re a slice of toast!

Nothing that comes from him will be bitter – though to us sometimes we think differently depending on the situation – everything is for HIS glory so it must be very sweet and very good.

You can see now close up that I used sticker paper (Avery 8665) and the printable you can download in the Insiders group after getting your kit. Ialso used the alpha stickers and some hearts from the July Faith Art Box as well! But that’s it, no glue, no paint just adorable printable pieces and stickers!

Have a great day!



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