Bible Journaling with Ashley | I am His


Jeremiah 10:10 – “But the Lord is the true God; He is the living God and the everlasting King.”

Yes & AMEN! This whole devotional really hit home for me because I crave the truths of being adopted as His beloved child. My earthly father-daughter relationship has always been either rocky or non-existent, so naturally I pushed away my loving Heavenly Father for quite some time. It was hard for me to accept and believe His goodness. It was too good to be true in my eyes. How could any father love me unconditionally? Did I even deserve a love like that? The enemy had fed me so many lies about my worth because of the broken relationship with my earthly father that it was hard for me to truly allow God into my life. I was too afraid that He would also hurt me. By grace though, God made a way for me to open my heart up to Him and I’ve never looked back! I realize more each day how loved I am by God through seeking Him within the pages of His precious Word. I am finding my true worth in Him alone and it feels so good! This verse is a great reminder to me that not only is God the One True King, but He is one that desires relationship with me. Through my adoption in Christ, I have become holy, loved, royal, and chosen. God doesn’t NEED me, but He WANTS me. WOW! I don’t deserve this perfect love, but you better believe I am now gratefully accepting and thanking the Lord for it every day! He is too good, and I will sing His praises forever! Join me, friend.


I had fun with this page since I don’t typically use acrylic paints often. I had the perfect colors to match the devotional kit so I went for it! Sometimes you just have to play and not worry too much about the final product. I used the devotional back to create a tip-in to place down first. I then brushed two colors of blue over the top to blend the tip-in into the page and create my margin to decorate. I then alternated hand-lettering and the stickers from the August kit to create my prayer in the margin. I like to add black pen around the stickers to help them pop after they are placed. A coordinating bow clip at the top completes the look and now I will always remember this important, life-giving statement. I pray that it sticks with you today as well!



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