Bible Journaling with Brittany | Adopted

Did you know that you’re adopted? Wait now, don’t start calling your mom. What I mean is you are adopted by God. He knows NO orphans! This is if you’ve accepted Jesus as a savior. If you don’t know God- you don’t know Love. If you don’t know Love then your life is such a boring and painful place to be…it doesn’t have to be though. You can cling to your dad, your father, your God. He doesn’t see you as needy, he doesn’t see you as clingy, he doesn’t see you as lost- he sees you as HIS and accepting that gives you that love you desire!

So feel free to scream out that you’re adopted! Just make sure your momma knows you’re talking about how the Lord has picked you up and placed you on His lap…right next to her!


This project I did a little differently and stepped out of my bible and just used a blank tag! Sometimes using these tags I can just use a little more creativity but in less time! The August Faith Art Box had these gorgeous flowers that I could not stamp enough! The background of my tag is Distess Oxide Inks in Tattered Rose and Salty Ocean! Thanks for reading!

Brittany Carleton


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