Bible Journaling with Brittany | Perfect Weakness

Oh how many weaknesses I have! I can’t count them all… I only have so many fingers and toes you know. Though I’m reminded by Jesus that sometimes those weaknesses are exactly where he shows up,! He can do all things, he can do powerful things, he makes me whole.

You know every person in this world is walking around an incomplete weak mess, but if you put the Lord by your side… we become whole. He’s here to pick up the slack and show His great, great power. I am ever so thankful for that. Just knowing how many parts of me he has to fill and how many times I’ve fallen to my knees in weakness, He shows me he knows no weakness!

Every weakness I have is perfect, because in his perfect strength he tells me so! The September Faith Art Box supplied me with the stamps and stickers I needed for this page! I used distress oxide pads and water and the smooshing technique to get this odd (yes odd) background. Things don’t always turn out how I think, especially pages…but in the end he gives me a page to remind myself that nothing is going to work out how I want, only how HE wants!

Brittany Carleton


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