Bible Journaling with Lew | My Strength When I Can’t Feel It.

” My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.”
      Psalm 73:26 NLT
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I love this verse.
Every now and then I struggle with depression. It’s not frequent, but it’s a struggle when it hits. This month’s kit was aptly timed, as the past couple of weeks I’ve been in that struggle.
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I’m doing much better now, but one of the worst parts of that struggle to me is not being able to feel God’s presence, and the lack of ability to seek Him fully. It’s hard to explain, but I bet I’m not alone in that.
Why I love this verse and the verses that speak of God as our strength is because it’s true – even when I don’t feel it.
IMG_1346 - Copy
I look back on the seasons of depression in my life and I see it. I see God’s footprint. I may not be able to feel or see it in those times of difficulty, but He is still there. I like the word remain in this verse. When looked up in the dictionary, the first description of remain was this: To continue in the same state.
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Even when our health fails, and our spirits grow weak, God continues in the same state of being our strength. In other words, even when we’re having an off day, or an off week, or an off season, God remains the same – His strength is not dependent upon our strength or our ability to see His strength. Thank goodness for that!
Whenever I’m struggling to feel God’s presence, I think back on the times that He has worked in my life, and I’m reminded that He is still God and He is still constant.
IMG_1349 - Copy
I say it every time, but it’s true – I love the colors of this month’s kit! I started with my focus spot in the bottom left corner by laying down some washi, this cute little house sticker from Maggie Holmes’ Willow Lane, and creating the title for my page using the stickers from the kit. I then decided I wanted more on the page so I used the rule of three and placed some washi tape, stickers, and stamp from this month’s kit in the top right corner, and then some washi in the bottom right corner. I then added the finishing touches by placing the little heart stickers from the kit in various places around the page 🙂
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4 thoughts on “Bible Journaling with Lew | My Strength When I Can’t Feel It.

  1. Up most of the night. Difficulty breathing again… constantly in pain. But you reminded of a treasured verse in Ps 73:26.
    I often quote, journal & even wrote a poem about His strength being made perfect in weakness, but how “beautifully” paired with Ps 73. Thank you ~


    1. I’m so glad to have provided such a sweet reminder! God is good. I’m sorry to hear about your pain and difficulty in breathing. I’ll be praying this evening is restful and pain-free. And that you will continue to find peace in His presence during such times!



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