Bible journaling with Ashley | All Things


Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”


Yes & AMEN! Who doesn’t love this verse? It’s a well known favorite of many and for good reason. Don’t we all struggle at times to do #allthethings that life demands of us? Sometimes what is being asked of us is just one thing that seems too big to handle, while other times it is a lot of little things that all add up and begin to seem impossible to overcome. Whatever you’re going through, big or small, you can trust that if you look to the Lord, you will be strengthened. With Him, ALL THINGS are possible. No matter what you’re facing, the Lord your God, will be with you and provide. You need only to seek Him and lay your requests at His feet. He will provide peace and strength that surpasses all understanding. With Him, you are strong. With Him, you can be brave and conquer whatever you’re facing. All things are possible when your strength comes from the Lord. Don’t forget this truth when you’re standing in a valley low, friends! With Him, YOU CAN!



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